Monday, October 15, 2012

Awesome product for your binders....

Are you a binder addict like me??  I have so many binders I sometimes forget which one I am using.  I have my data binder, my meeting binder, my math binder, my every day binder, and my reading binder, and my....well, you get the drift!

Anyway...anyone who binders knows that the best tool for the job is a 3 ring hole puncher. 

I just got the greatest 3 ring hole puncher EVER! 

It's the papermonster electric hole punch .  I was honored to get an email from  offering me a chance to test one out.  And boy do I LOVE it...and so does my team!  We bring it with us to team meetings, data meetings, etc... It punches up to 15 pages at a time and makes it easy to organize all of your notebook needs.  I highly recommend it!


Enjoy it! 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Have a little fun with your doors...

Two of our Kindergarten teachers, Lauren and Kelly, started a trend at our school...cute, adorable Halloween Class doors!  It was so refreshingly cute..that we all started to copy them...
Enjoy a peek at our school doors!


Saturday, October 6, 2012

How do you manage your websites?

There are a million websites and apps galore that our children are exposed to everyday!  Research is showing that our 21st Century learners need time to explore GOOD websites - where they can practice, extend and create new products.  One really good source of organized videos is Interactivesites. This site has a lot of great websites categorized for you.

Butsometimes I want to pick and choose what sites I want my students to use.  How do you manage that?  I use .

This is a FREE site that you can sign up for to use from home or school or anywhere you can access the internet. You will have a Member login which allows you to edit the websites into categories that make it easier to assign your students practice work. They have a separate login under Guest Access (so they can't mess up our system!)

Once they log on they will see your categories and be able to choose websites that you have found underneath.

I like this because I can be as specific as I want to be...assigning sites under a topic like Ecosystem or Poetry or as vague as I want like Math.  The website is always a work in progress and you can edit and change it as needed.
This is a great way to make your learning experiences with computers meaningful  - whether it is in the computer lab, using ibook carts in the classroom or even assigning it for homework . 
Portaportal is a great site and it works for me!