Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Home organization system....

Summer time is here...I am all packed up and ready to, really I am!  But before I can relax, I need to regroup.  Just take a look at my home office!  What a disaster!

I must admit I have let this area in my home GO....and it needs some attention!  First thing I did was go through and throw away the trash. Why, why, we keep so many papers?

Second thing I am working on is creating my three crates: 

I looked through all the "stuff" I have collected in my study and categorized it into research, binders and projects.

1.  Research will hold all the professional books and notebooks of ideas that I have hopes of reading this summer.

2. Binders will hold all the papers that I need to go through and put into binders (another organizational tool!)

3.  Projects  includes my craft sticks for games, star sticks, etc..., index cards, and other goodies I am hoping to create this summer. 

I will keep you up to date as to whether this works or not!

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