Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Energizers with Older Kids...absolutely!

When I taught K-2 for the first 18 years of my career, I was always dancing, singing and basically standing on my head.  When I moved up to work with the older kids I thought this would change.  It did change...but not like I thought it would.  Where before we danced because we were loaded with energy and were dancing and moving all the time anyway, now...we need to move because the kids start to zone out. 

Yes, the same kids who couldn't sit still to save their souls ... now glanced at me with a "I don't wanna do anything" look.  You know...let me sit still so I can be ignored and I can maybe even fall asleep??? Oh, no...not in my classroom.  So I began using energizers with them during transition times....especially in between content areas - switching from social studies to science. Too much sitting isn't good for anyone. 

Responsive Classroom has an excellent website on YouTube featuring some of the best energizers. I love this because it shows me how to do it...because I might forget it once I leave the classroom. 

Here is an example of "Mama Shark"....  Enjoy!

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