Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Exit Cards...

Another way to have students summarize their thinking is through exit cards.  I have created a packet of exit cards that I use with science that you can down load for free.

In this packet I put together some of my favorite summary stems including....MIPS (most important point),  3,2,1 charts,
wonderings, questions, and reflections..  You can copy these and pass them out, or you can simply write them on the board for your students to copy on index cards. 

Exit cards do not need to be anything elaborate...but they do need to be analyzed.  They are a great way to see who got it, who may still be somewhat confused, and who is really lost.  I often take the cards with me at lunch and quickly read them and sort them into three categories.

Sometimes my team mates and I will come up with a math problem that we will give at the end of a lesson so we can see who needs reteaching. We use the exit cards to split kids up into formative teaching groups among the team.  It really works!!

Enjoy engaging your learners...


  1. I got mine! Thanks for the freebie :)

  2. I love this exit card idea! Thanks for sharing.

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