Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Summarizing with Think-Pair-Share

Oh I love think-pair-share and so do my students.  Can you imagine sitting in a classroom for 6 hours listening to an adult drone on and on about random things? Neither can our students.  They can't sit quiet and stay engaged...they simply can't! 

To continue with the theme of 10-2 (10 minutes instruction and 2 minutes to summarize learning) I will showcase T-P-S in the ways we use it in my classroom. 

When do I use it?
  • When the students are too quiet and have that look of "la-la-land" on their faces...time to talk!
  • When the students are too chatty ...let them chat on topic!
  • use it in every subject all throughout the day...
Why do I use it?
  • Sometimes we think that kids have to write down thoughts to prove they learned it.
  • Not all kids like to write...
  • It is low risk - they are sharing their thoughts with only one other person...ideal for the shy kid.
  • Verbal expression cements knowledge.
  • Other students can catch misunderstandings quickly!
  • It is fun!
How do I use it??
  • Sometimes we turn and talk to the person next to us.
  • Sometimes we find a friend at another table (allows for movement, too)
  • Sometimes we are paired up by clock buddies
  • Sometimes we share with more than one person
Enjoy engaging your learners...

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