Wednesday, May 30, 2012

State Testing Baggies

I know there are a million state testing baggies out there, but I wanted to share with you what we do at our school.  My colleague Christina Wineski came up with this idea and we all shared it. 

First we make a big bag with thier name on it.  We also include a thinking stone, some jolly ranchers, gum, lifesavers suck on during the test. 

Then we put in a bag of "lucky charms" and Scooby Snacks.  The Scooby Snacks will help them look for the clues in their reading tests and know that the evidence can be found there if they just search! 

Our special school tradition is to include Dumbo's feather (he had it in him all along!), our magic pencils (do your best on the test) and a key necklace (key to success).  These are given to them from our principal during our school kick off.  We put those in their baggies too.

Finally, I put a special sticker on the bag each day of the test.  It  doesn't given any test taking strategies, just a word of support.  Our kids need many pats on the back and reassurances that they can do it!
  Now they are ready to go!

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