Sunday, May 20, 2012

State Testing

We are in the middle of reviewing for our state testing and although I am confident that I have taught my students well and most of them have put forth 100% effort this year, I am still feeling the stress of the ones who may not be successful.  I am trying hard to keep my head about me, to not bite my nails down to nothing and to keep a positive can do attitude with my guys!

What do you do to prepare?

We started on Friday with our Blast Off!  My principal gathered all the third, fourth and fifth grade teachers into the cafeteria and motivated us through cheers, video clips and the blessing of the pencils!  Each year, she gives us pencils that are sharpened and special for the tests!  It's a nice touch!

This year she showed us a clip that had us all in tears.  If you haven't seen it you really should watch it... at home, with some tissues!

After that, she also shows the students a short clip from Dumbo that shows his magic feather. She starts by saying many people didn't believe Dumbo could fly...He had a hard life, his mother was in jail after all.  He didn't really have a home.  But his teacher (the mouse) believed in him and never gave up.   She says the feather he carried  wasn't magic...Dumbo just needed someone to believe in him and the feather became his symbol. 
We will all come to school tomorrow with feathers taped to our desks, doors and windows as a symbol that she believes in them. 
Isn't that amazing???  These kids and yes, these teachers, need to remember that during the testing time!

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