Monday, March 5, 2012

Greetings! More than just hello...

This week I will highlight a different section of Morning Meeting!

Monday:  Greetings
Tuesdays:  Activities
Wednesday: Sharing
Thursday:  Morning Message

Stop by all week to learn more!


There are many different ways to meet and greet your students.  It helps to create that "bond" between students and teachers as well as between classmates.  We love to share different greetings and have created a bulletin board with all of our favorite greetings on a chart. I pick a stick each day and let that child be the one to pick the greeting for the day...of course, marking it down on a class list so as not to repeat.  I have a special bulletin board with photos of my kids as the boarder and a list of Activities and Greetings in the middle.  Come back by tomorrow and grab a freebie of both lists!

Here is a great video showing a selection of greetings to get you started!

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