Monday, March 12, 2012

Morning Message

I love Morning Messages...they can be student led or teacher led!  I actually use both.  Here is a video from Caltha Crowe with Responsive Classroom to show how she uses it as part of her morning meeting every day.

Teacher part:   In my class, I write a note to the students every day.  I have done it on chart paper (like in the video), on the white board and now, as a power point with the overhead projector.  This is where I can say good morning and share some news of the day as well as include a photograph or picture to spark conversations. 

Student part: Then, I have the student portion.  This is where the students answer a daily question.  In the past, I have racked my brain to come up with a question such as "What is your favorite food?" or "Did you watch American Idol last night - yes or no."  The students love to share their responses on the board for all to see. 


This year I came across a resource that I love - 180 attendance questions or journal prompts.  It is a product that is well worth the $3.50 I paid for it on Teachers Pay Teachers.  It is written by the blogger at "Clutter Free Classroom" - one of my favorite blogs. 
       I have stapled the 180 questions and placed them by the whiteboard.  I have one of my students (as their job) chose a question of the day.  The resource has a spot for checking off the question once you answer it - to keep track of what you have asked.  My kids love it and it takes away some of the pressure for me to think on my feet each day.

Hope you will enjoy it! 

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