Tuesday, March 13, 2012

SMART goals

Do you encourage your students to make and keep goals?  This has been a very important part of our classroom this year...but not without the help of some other wonderful bloggers out there. 

Student Portfolios: a collection of printables for throughout the yearFirst, I started the year with  this resource by Shelly Gray called Student Portfolios .  This resource costs $5.99 but is over 100 pages long.  It includes a story prompt for every month as well as interest inventories, multiple intelligence surveys and my favorite the monthly goal setting sheet.

New Year GoalsThen, in January I found this resource which really clarified for me what a SMART goal should look like in my classroom :  New Year Goals by Ashleigh. This resource costs $3.50 but is really worth it!  She includes posters, concept sorts, fix the goals, and ways to track our progress. 

So how do I make it work?????  First, I have a folder that we call our Goal Setting Folder that we can add the sheets to throughout the year.  We have placed in it general goals for the year, monthly goals, reflection sheets and multiple intelligence surveys.  At the end of each month, we reflect on the old goals and add the new goals. Then I write each child's monthly goal and post in the room for them to see.  If it is something they are working on (like a social goal they don't want others to know about) we can write Private Goal.  The kids accept this and acknowledge that not all things should be for all to see....

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  1. Thanks so much for mentioning my portfolio resource, Leslie! I love seeing how other teachers use my resources in their classrooms! Have a great day,

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