Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I know that I shared a few tips a few blogs ago...but there is so much more to do!  Here is a great clip of some kindergarteners asking questions after a share or even saying a comment.  My whole school does Morning Meetings and so by the time they get to us, they are really good at this!

One of the ways I encourage sharing is with a Golden Ticket (great for younger kids).  
At the beginning of a unit, I will create a new Golden ticket that states what we are getting ready to share.

I will write on the ticket "Tomorrow is your turn to share! Bring in something that starts with S...or is green....etc..."

Another idea I do with older kids is to send home a research book (like Eyewitness series or the I Wonder series) with a question and page number.  They have to read the question and find the answer to share the next day.

What is the largest hailstone ever recorded?  p. 22

How does frost and dew form?  p. 24

What is the biggest daily temperature range ever recorded?  p. 37

What causes heat haze? p. 38

Why is the earth tilted? p. 62

Students love this idea!

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