Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kinesthetic Learners...

Characteristics of Kinesthetic Learners

Kinesthetic learners learn best by moving their bodies, activating their large or small muscles as they learn. These are the "hands-on learners" or the "doers" who actually concentrate better and learn more easily when movement is involved. The following characteristics are often associated with kinesthetic learners.

1. Kinesthetic learners often wiggle, tap their feet, or move their legs when they sit.

2. Kinesthetic learners were often labeled "hyperactive" as children.

3. Because they learn through movement, kinesthetic learners often do well as performers: athletes, actors, or dancers.

4. Kinesthetic learners work well with their hands. They may be good at repairing work, sculpting, art, or working with various tools.

5. Kinesthetic learners are often well coordinated and have a strong sense of timing and body movement.
I have a whole classroom of them this year...literally 20 out of 23 came out as kinesthetic learners on my learning styles inventory. 
What kinds of learning strategies work well with them? Stay tuned...I am working on that myself!

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  1. We should keep in touch about this and swap ideas! All of mine are Visual and Kinesthetic (go figure, with Autism that's par for the course!), and I teach 3-5th :) Yesterday, we did our word wall work outside on the sidewalk with chalk- they loved it :)