Saturday, September 29, 2012

Strategies to engage your kinesthetic learners....

Kinesthetic learners need to move and groove....but they don't have to be disruptive. What are some ways to channel their energy into meaningful activities that will help them learn? I can tell you this...whole group is usually hard for them.  Breaking up the day into short stints works well. 

My teaching colleague, Christina, (who is an expert in working with kinesthetic learners) shared with our team an amazing strategy....take the kids outside and read a readers theater.  Genius! We took our whole grade level outside to practice our readers theater and the kids were engaged, happy and could be as loud as they wanted without driving me insane! (Readers theater practice with more than one group is very loud....)

This got me thinking...I need a checklist of strategies for each subject area to look through when I am planning for the week.  You can download it for free!
I hope you will enjoy it...I know there are more strategies, but I wanted to keep it simple and not too over whelming.

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