Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Made it!

Pinned ImageI love ....I mean, I love to store ideas on this site...and occasionally, I get around to actually making these ideas...Today is such a day....

I (like many of you) was intrigued by the idea of these posts... of an objective board like this one by Fourth Grade Frolics.
I like the colorful background and ease of the dry erase markers to post my objectives for the day.

On my hunt for these frames, I noticed that most of the frames were made of glass.  Glass in my classroom = broken.

So I continued my search and found a great solution... Using
mini dry erase boards!  I found a collection at my local Dollar Tree.    I typed up the content area in a fun font, pasted them on a colored background and taped them onto the boards. 
This is what an individual board would look like...and this is what it would look like with the objectives written on to it...

I liked these because the back of the boards already came with magnet strips.  The place where I would be hanging these are on an old chalkboard.  This would be perfect!

Next, I needed to make a I did choose ONE glass frame. 

                                               Put it all together...and it looks like this!