Monday, August 13, 2012

One more project I have completed...

Have you seen these on Pinterest?  I love this idea that was posted on Confessions of a Teaching Junkie.  These bags are meant to be tied to the back of a student chair and are perfect for holding chapter books!  It has two pockets and can hold several thin books. I love this idea because last year I had a bunch of hard core readers and they always had books stacked up on their desks.  I was looking for a solution...and this is what I decided to try.

Pinned Image

I wanted to copy the idea and so I went to Home Depot and bought these simple nail bags for 88 cents each!

 I love her really cute name tags, but got to thinking....I will have to change those every year, when I get a new student, etc..So, I decided to change it up to a more generic idea and created numbers to cover the logo. 

I had picked up these simple conversation bubbles for $1 at Walmart.  I cut off the bottom of the speech bubble to make it fit on the nail pouch.  I made the numbers in a fancy font (20 of them!) and placed them on the speech bubble.  Cover it up with clear packing tape and it is sturdy and ready to go.

I fastened it to the pocket and used double sided tape rather than Velcro.  It was cheaper and I hope it lasts! 


  1. I love those!!! I think I will make them for my own kids! I am your newest follower. I would love to have you come and visit my blog--I am hosting a giveaway! You could win a laminator!