Sunday, August 26, 2012

Seat Crates!

I have been inspired like the rest of you to create many goodies this summer. This was the last and final project....Seat Crates!
First of is not as easy as it looks.  And it is not cheap...unless you are like me and find good deals!  We were lucky and had left over wood hanging around the we used it! (no $)
 I also had bought the crates last year so no $ this year (but about $12). Also, I wanted to find a cheaper alternative to the seat cushions.  I found a stack of ugly cushions that were not my style on sale - 4 for $5. 
Then I found cute fabric for $5 a yard (and only used a yard!). Goes well with my color scheme (primary colors) and my theme (Space and Robots).
 I also had cute ribbon hanging around which would have been another $5 for two.  So, imagine it will cost you between $30 and $40 for four crates...
Time to make = an hour or less. I was lucky to have help from my husband with the cutting of the wood but I know other people had them do it at Lowes for them. Just make sure you measure each crate.  They may be different sizes inside if you bought them at different times.
Anyway...they are adorable and I love them. I hope they last the year!!!


  1. I love the seat crates too! I actually want them for my house as well.

  2. I love the robot fabric you found! Fabulous!

    Fourth Grade Garden

  3. Your robot fabric is so cute! Love the crates myself...but like you said...they are kind of pricey.

    Mrs. B's Nook

  4. Walmart has crates on sale this week for cheap! I am thinking of trying this. I think some of my kids would like these for the reading corner. I am wondering if I could put a file folder holder in it as well, because then my kids could store their Read 180 stuff in them. Hmmmmmm

  5. Good for you finding some wood around the house! I love your robot theme and have already been thinking about that for next year (I know...let's not rush into next year!!). Great work:) I am your newest follower.
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  6. Your crates turned out cute! I love the robot fabric. I'd also like to invite you to my new linky called Fun Friday. It is all about the fun things we do in our classrooms!

    Teaching Fourth

  7. Great job!

    I Love My Classroom