Sunday, July 15, 2012

First 30 Days...bathroom proceedures.

I started off writing these tips as they were introduced each day...the tip for today, does not come on day four...rather on day one.  How do you manage going to the bathroom? Here is how I introduce it:

Activity:  Bathroom procedures:  This year we are far away from the bathroom so we will really need to pick appropriate times to go.  Let’s talk about when you think it is a good time to go.  I will take a class break before specials and after lunch.  When we go as a class, what do you think I expect you to do?  Come up with a class list of rules for the bathroom to resemble something like this:

1.       Wait your turn: quickly and quietly

2.       Use the bathroom; quickly and quietly

3.       Wash your hands; quickly and quietly

When else do you think you might need to go during the day?  What kind of policy should we have in place?  List times and discuss when it is okay to take a break.  What do I expect you to do? Make a class list of rules that are appropriate (walk to the bathroom, don’t fool around, come right back).  Model the bathroom procedures now.

If you want your own copy, you can download it here for Free.

Other ideas I have found this summer on blogs that I am going to implement in the fall. 
CLutter Free Classroom has some excellent ideas including bathroom cards.  This is a great visual that shows who is out of the classroom as well as keeping it clear that only one girl at a time can go during independent time. 

She also has a great post about keeping data on when and who is going to the bathroom daily. 
You can find those on her website as well.

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