Thursday, July 26, 2012

Getting to know you! Sharing....

Every year, I want to get to know my students's part of that critical relationship building that needs to happen in your classroom in order for your room to work as a classroom community. 

I always bring in something to show my kids a little bit about me first.  A few years ago my family and I went to Boston and I brought in pictures and a bobble head to share with my students.  That year I sent this note home and had them bring in one object a day.  I sent it on a rotating basis - picking on name out of the star sticks randomly and gave them this ticket to communicate with the parents.

Most years I send home a paper bag with instructions stapled to it.  This is actually something we do school wide from Kinders to 5th grade!  I still pick names randomly and give them the paper bags the day before so they won't forget.  Expectations are critical for both students and parents.

Again, I start with my bag.  I decorate it and fill it with five objects that tell a little about me.
    To The Moon and Back
  1. I always have a book that I am currently reading (NOT 50 Shades!  ha ha)
  2. I put a small magnifying glass in the bag...because I am known for loving science!
  3. I put a dog toy for my puppy Peyton. 
  4. I include a shell from my love of the Rivah (We have a house near the Chesapeake Bay)
  5. Last but not least is a picture of my grandmother, Mimi, who was a teacher and who inspired me to go into teaching in the first place!

You can get the instructions for FREE here...

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  1. Super activity!!! Appreciate your posting about it!
    Ann Marie Smith @ Innovative Connections