Thursday, July 12, 2012

First 30 Days...Good listening

Working on routines for the first 30 days is crucial for classroom management.  If you want a classroom full of engaging activities, you need to teach students how to handle it first! 

So for day three, we will focus on Good Listening skills.

Say: Many times during the year you will need to listen to your teacher when they are talking.  You will also need to listen to other classmates during class discussions.  You may even want classmates to listen to you.  What are some important things to remember when listening to a speaker?

Create: As a group brainstorm what good listener's look like, sound like, act like on an anchor chart.

Model:  With a student volunteer, model telling a personal narrative about a pet animal. Have the volunteer show what a good listener looks like.

Practice:  Have the teacher read a book to the group, like Martha Speaks,  while the students practice good listening skills.  At the end, practice Turn and Talk with a partner telling a personal narrative about a pet.

Reflect:  What did we do well? What should we work on to improve next time?

If you want to download this for your Back to School Binder, it is available for FREE here.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this mini-lesson. You can't take for granted that students know or remember what to do in the classroom without discussion and modeling.