Monday, July 2, 2012

Routines and Proceedures...the first 30 days..

We Read, We Blog, We TeachThere is a really good book club going on for upper elementary teachers about using the Daily 5 and the CAFE book.  It is posted on We Read, We Blog, We teach...
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I have read both books in the past and have implemented "parts" of the systems along with Laura Candler's reading workshop approach. 

This year....we have added a new reading series to the mix...but one I think will work really well with all three of those books and systems.  It is called Benchmark Literacy.  I attended a session last week that discussed the importance of setting routines and proceedures for the first 30 days of both reading and writing.  Add Guided Math into the mix and you have an amazing plan for the first 30 days of routines and proceedures. 

So...thinking about routines...each day you will introduce a new proceedure...including what to do, how to do it and anchor charts to match.  As I have been reading through these books, it occurred to me...wouldn't it be smart if they all connected some way?  Isn't there a way to use a common language? 

As I read and think about the routines to start the year, I will think about how to connect these three AMAZING resources at the start of the year.  What do you think?

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  1. I love this idea! I'm planning to model, create charts, and review during morning each day for basic routines. We'll also still be doing our songs and classroom community activities. I want to save D5 & CAFE mainly for Reading/Writing block, but not exclusively when the connection arises :)