Sunday, July 1, 2012

RTI...what to do???

40 Reading Intervention Strategies for K-6 Students: Research-Based Support for RTI  I have taught for many years (let's say I'm closer to retirement than college!).  Over the years, Special Education qualifications have changed dramatically. 

We keep getting students with learning issues, but the possibility of them recieving special education services is more and more unlikely.  Still, we have the pressures of No Child Left Behind and making sure our subgroups make AYP. 

I decided this summer that I was tired of waiting forever for support and it was time to take matters into my own hands!  As a mother of a child with high functioning Autism (luckily he has a 504 plan!) and an aunt of a dyslexic child (yes, that is a true diagnosis!) I hate the thought of these kids struggling in school while their teachers are WAITING for help.

This books is AMAZING....I found it at Amazon and downloaded it to my Kindle last night.  I love the way you can look up a problem area (say difficulties with inferences) and you get suggestions and systematic lessons to teach our struggling students during a Tier 2 lesson.  One of the lessons I LOVE involves breaking down pronouns to help students understand what they stand for and how they help you understand the text. 

There are several PDF's available for FREE on the website that promotes the book. 

Hope it helps you too....


  1. Thanks for the book links. After using RTI for several years, I still don't feel like I have a grip on what is best to do with struggling students. In the past, I've had the majority of my class tiered due to low BOY scores... it's difficult to manage with so many at Tier 2/3. Thanks! :)
    The Science Penguin

  2. Just stopping by to let you know that I awarded you the Versitile Blogger Award. Stop by my blog to check it out!

  3. What a GREAT find! As a teacher in a small Catholic School I sometimes feel like the district Sp.Ed. people push us to the bottom of their (very, very) long list. This book will be a huge help! Thanks, again!

    Inside this Book